A Louvre exhibition on Nicolas Poussin in 2015

Jean-Luc Martinez, the new director of the Louvre, has decided to replace the Velasquez exhibition planned for 2015 by an exhibition on Nicolas Poussin, of which the Louvre owns a great number of works. For the record, the last great exhibition dedicated to Poussin took place in Paris in 1994, at the Grand Palais. And … Continue reading A Louvre exhibition on Nicolas Poussin in 2015

Nicolas Poussin – Louvre Museum, PARIS 1960

Nicolas Poussin – Louvre Museum, PARIS 1960

Collective work – Published by Edition des Musées Nationaux, 1960 Exhibition catalogue (by Anthony Blunt) Dear Director General, I have the honour of sending you the attached samples from the exhibition catalogue which the Painting Department is dedicating this year to one of the less popular of the grand masters, in France at least, Nicolas … Continue reading Nicolas Poussin – Louvre Museum, PARIS 1960

Sir Denis Mahon (1911-2011)

Sir Denis Mahon, who died in 2011 aged 100, was a great collector and a renown art historian, specialist of 17th century Italian paintings, notably Guido Reni, Caravaggio and Nicolas Poussin. For Michael Kitson, Claude Lorrain specialist, teacher then deputy director of the Courtauld Institute, «Denis Mahon is the greatest art historian-collector of our time, maybe … Continue reading Sir Denis Mahon (1911-2011)

Anthony Frederick BLUNT (1907-1983)

Considered one of the most eminent historians of British art, knighted in 1956, Professor Blunt, also known for having been a double agent for the Soviet Union during the Cold War, is a leading expert on Poussin, and he has devoted many books to him. He is the Executive Commissioner of the Louvre Museum and … Continue reading Anthony Frederick BLUNT (1907-1983)