An appraisal or authentication of a work by Poussin or a member of his circle?

Are you looking for an appraisal or authentication? Do you want to buy or sell an engraving, drawing or any other work by Nicolas Poussin or a member of his circle?
We work with renown experts able to appraise and authenticate your work, or provide you with the piece (painting, drawing, engraving) you were looking for.
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3 thoughts on “Auctions”

  1. I have an hand sketch drawing of Arnold Palmer and his wife that I found in my fathers stuff with a letter from a fund raiser asking him to donate something and this sketch was sent to them. It’s sogned by an artist but I can’t read the signature. It’s in great shape and I still have the letter as well. How can I see if it’s worth anything? Thanks

  2. Landscape with Abraham and Isaac
    I have a copy of this painting with the signing at the bottom
    Painted G. Poussin; Etched E. Webb; Engraved John Pie
    Does this have any value? Monetary, Museum
    How would I further investigate this?

  3. I have a painting that has been in my family for over 80 years believed to be a Poussin.
    I have recently taken an amateur picture that I may share with you looking for a first opinion regarding its value.

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