An interview with Guy de Compiegne for his new essay on Poussin

Guy de Compiegne has published in 2013 a remarkable essay, Nicolas Poussin and the Japanese garden Masters. In his latest book available mid-March 2015, “Nicolas Poussin, l’ambiguité recherchée” (Nicolas Poussin, in search for ambiguity), the architect and Poussin researcher continues his quest through an interpretation of ambiguous details requiring the reconsideration of the primary subject. As we … Continue reading An interview with Guy de Compiegne for his new essay on Poussin

Gaspard Dughet called Gaspar Poussin 1615-75

Gaspard Dughet called Gaspar Poussin 1615-75

Catalogue of the exhibition at the Kenwood House of Hampstead, London, Published by the Greater London Council (GLC), 1980 A French Landscape painter in 17th century Rome and his influence on British art. “The brother-in-law of the great classical painter Nicholas Poussin, he was with Claude Lorrain the other member of that triumvirat of Frenchmen … Continue reading Gaspard Dughet called Gaspar Poussin 1615-75

Claude Gellée, known as Claude or le Lorrain (circa 1600-1682) – Painter

Claude Gellée is a painter from Lorraine who moved to Rome in 1615 to learn the traditional craft of Lorraine: baking. After arriving in Rome, he was first a cook for painter Agostino Tassi who, when he discovered his gift for painting, decided to teach him the basics. Influenced by the landscapes of Annibale Carracci, … Continue reading Claude Gellée, known as Claude or le Lorrain (circa 1600-1682) – Painter

Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675) – French painter

One of the most talented landscapists of Rome Gaspard Dughet (also known as Gaspard Poussin, Gaspar Poussin, or The Guaspre) was born in Rome in 1615 and in 1630 became the brother-in-law of Nicolas Poussin who married his sister, Anne-Marie Dughet. Son of Jacques Dughet, the French baker who released Nicolas Poussin from hospital when … Continue reading Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675) – French painter

André FÉLIBIEN (1619-1695)

André Félibien met Claude Lorrain, Pierre de Cortone and most importantly Nicolas Poussin during his time in Rome between 1647 and 1649. His Interviews on the lives and works of the great old masters (1666-1688), depict Poussin as a perfect painter and constitute one of the first chronological works about the French artist.

Giovanni Pietro BELLORI (circa 1615-1696)

Born around 1615, Giovanni (or Giovan) Pietro Bellori was a friend of Poussin, he knew the painter after he returned to Rome in 1642. In 1664 he delivered a speech on the Ideal in Art, at a conference at the Academy of St. Luke in Rome, the text of which became the preface of his … Continue reading Giovanni Pietro BELLORI (circa 1615-1696)

Joachim von SANDRART (1606-1688)

Painter, engraver and considered the first art historian of German nationality, he lived in Rome between 1628 and 1635 and personally knew Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain, and they often drew nature together in the Roman countryside. His testimony is important because other biographers who knew the artist only met him much later, when he … Continue reading Joachim von SANDRART (1606-1688)