Poussin’s works have been widely engraved since the 17th century.

Below are his main engravers, in France and Italy:

Gérard Audran (1640-1703)

Trained to the drawing by his father, a professor of engraving at the Academy of Lyon and also trained by Charles Le Brun. After a trip to Rome to complete his education, he was appointed in Paris official engraver of Louis XIV, and advisor to the Royal Academy of Painting.

He engraved several paintings of Poussin, notably Spring, from the Four Seasons series.

Jean Baron from Toulouse (1631-1660)

This engraver, also known as The Toulousian, was born in 1631.

He worked in Rome, after the works of Nicolas Poussin and various other masters (including François Nicolas Bar), where he died aged 28.

Etienne Baudet (1638-1711)

Drawer and engraver, trained in the studio of Sébastien Bourdon, active in Rome between 1665 and 1673. He was appointed engraver to the king Louis XIV in 1693.

According Bénézit his landscape engravings from the works of Poussin – notably the Landscape with Diogenes – are among his greatest achievements.

Jean Desaulx (active btw 1786 et 1834)

Gold medal at the Salon of 1819, he made several landscapes, like Hagar in the Desert from the painting of Pier Francesco Mola, and the Landscape with Orpheus and Eurydice from Poussin’s masterpiece.

Michel Natalis (1610-1668)

Engraver from Liege, in Rome between 1633 and 1639, he staid several times in Paris where he worked in 1661 on Poussin’s paintings, like the first version of the Ecstasy of St Paul. Louis XIV appointed him first engraver in 1668, but he died the same year before going to Paris.

Jean Pesne (1623-1700)

French engraver and painter, he worked on several paintings of Poussin, like the Assumption of the Virgin or the Self-portrait kept today in Berlin.

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  1. hello I have a nicolas poussin drawing of The Golden Ass aka Donkey. it is in very old cardboard like frame held together with string wrap of some sort. It is not smooth but feels textured, to my knowledge he allowed 100 copies to be made in which only a few were specialized. I think I may have something worth value. I am looking for authentication and value for possibly selling. If interested I will send in photos.


    Michelle carbo

  2. I have a print of Nicolas Poussin’s Landscape with Polyphemus. I wanted to change the frame because it is in bad shape but wanted to make sure the print wasnt valuable before taking it out. Etienne Baudet was the engraver but the writting is french. I can send photos to you. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you Megan for your message. We have asked our expert and will let you know as soon as we have an answer. Regards

    2. Dear Ms. Halligan,
      I hope you had good luck reframing your print. As it happens I have been looking to acquire the specific print you mention. If by any chance you have an interest in parting with it, I would love to hear from you. If not, I hope this magnificent image brings you great joy.
      All the best, LP

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