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The paintings of Nicolas Poussin can be seen in several rooms at the Louvre Museum, principally the Richelieu wing (French paintings from the XVII century). It is the most impressive collection of the artist’s works, with more pieces than the National Gallery in London and the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg and offering an almost inexhaustible vision of the various “periods” of Poussin.

Nb. The list below is of course not static; display of Nicolas Poussin’s paintings in the different rooms depends on the current loans to other museums.

Denon wing, 1st floor, room 12

• Camillus hands over the schoolmaster of Falerii to his pupils (1637)

Richelieu wing, 2nd floor, room 12

Louvre museum, Richelieu wing, 2d floor, view of Poussin's paintings of room 12

Appearance of the Virgin to James the Greater (circa 1629-1630)
The Inspiration of the Poet (circa 1629-1630)

Richelieu wing, 2nd floor, room 13, The Bacchanals

The Infancy of Bacchus, also known as The Little Bacchanal (circa 1624-1625)
Concert of Loves (circa 1626-1627)
Bacchanal with Guitar Player, also known as The Great Bacchanal (circa 1627-1628)
The Triumph of Flora (circa 1627-1628)
Echo and Narcissus (circa 1630)

Richelieu wing, 2nd floor, room 14

Room 14 - Nicolas Poussin

Louvre Museum, Richelieu wing, 2d floor, room 14 - Nicolas Poussin works - View 1

Louvre Museum, Richelieu wing, 2d floor, room 14 - Nicolas Poussin works - View 2

The Plague at Ashdod (1630-1631)
• The saving of the Young Pyrrhus (1634)
The Abduction of the Sabine Women (circa 1637-1638)
Saint John baptising the People (circa 1635-1637)
The Israelites gathering the manna in the desert (1637-1639)
• Moses saved from the water (1638)
• The Arcadian Shepherds, also known as Et in Arcadia ego (1638-1640)
Moses turning Aaron’s rod into a snake (circa 1645-1648)
• Moses trampling Pharaoh’s crown (circa 1645-1648)
Moses saved from the water (1647)
• Eliezer and Rebecca (1648)
The Judgement of Solomon (1649)
• The Ecstasy of Saint Paul (1649-1650)
Self portrait (1650)
• The Blind of Jericho (1650)
The Holy Family with Saint John and Saint Elizabeth against a landscape (circa 1650)
The Death of Sapphira (circa 1652)
• Christ and the adulteress (1653)
Saint Frances of Rome (circa 1657)
• Landscape with Diogenes (circa 1657)
Apollo in love with Daphne (1664)

Richelieu wing, 2nd floor, room 16, The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons by Nicolas Poussin
Nicolas Poussin – The Four Seasons, Louvre

Room 16 is dedicated to the Four Seasons series

Spring or The Earthly Paradise (1660-1664)
Summer or Ruth and Boaz (1660-1664)
Autumn or The Spies with the Grapes of the Promised Land (1660-1664)
Winter or The Flood (1660-1664)

Richelieu wing, 2nd floor, room 17

Jesus Christ instituting the Eucharist (1641)
Time protecting Truth from the attacks of Envy and Discord (1641)
Saint Francis Xavier bringing back to life the daughter of an inhabitant of Cangoxima in Japan (1641)

Paintings not on display

• The assumption of the Virgin (1649-1650)
• Orpheus and Eurydice (circa 1650-1653)
• The Holy Family with Saint John, Saint Elizabeth and Saint Joseph praying (circa 1656)

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